Satisfy the wanderer in you

67356-1There are some places in this world where you can completely get lost. Well it is not just getting lost physically, but getting secluded and completely mesmerised in nature. This article has been written to introduce you to such elite destinations, where you have exclusive and unrestricted access to the pearls of nature.

Club Med Villas de Finolhu, it is a completely inclusive resort and is on the island called Gasfinolhu, Maldives. The resort has a many ecologically friendly villas which has been exclusively designed for couples. The guests have access to 3,000 ft. long private beach, a chauffeur to pick up from the airport and a butler who is completely at their service. The package also includes activities like Yoga and snorkelling. Visitors can often gaze into the sunset while lounging or can have their dinner by the seaside, enjoying the view.

In a short distance from Ibiza in Spain, there is a private island called Tagomago which has a beautiful luxury villa. The place is gorgeously set and has 5 huge bedrooms, spacious terraces in the outdoor, large dining areas and also a swimming pool. This Villa is available for weekly lease and also have amenities for birdwatching and trekking.


The important things you need to know about the advancement in technology.

  • technology-life-watercolourArea 120 is a new division created by Google to help its employees build and develop their own start-ups. All the teams within the organization can submit their business plan and application to join Area 120.
  • London fintech unicorn Powa has been rumoured to be in crisis. It is also rumoured that the present CEO has not agreed to step aside in order to save the organization.
  • The US Department of Justice has received the passcode for a New York drug from an unrevealed source and it does not require Apple’s help to unlock iPhone.
  • Both Google and Microsoft has decided to withdraw all the existing regulatory complaints.
  • A new video created by a game execute on a recruitment slideshow has gone viral, and it says how coding is a calling and it can never be like work.
  • Facebook has added a new feature which enables the users to turn off live video notifications. It is being featured under the settings menu.
  • There has been close to 40% hike on the AMD shares on Friday after there was an announcement of IP licensing agreement.
  • Amazon has limited the availability of popular video games and movies to their prime members only. Non-members are restricted to access or buying of them ( including Grand Theft Auto V)

Elections driven by the internet

bits_obama_web.480Ottawa: As the world is getting hooked to their smartphones and internet, the election campaigns are aiming to increase their presence online and to accelerate engagement programs and services through mobile phones. This new trend is really different from that has been in existence for many decades. In any election voter turnout is considered to be a reflection of the will and the mind-set of people. A higher voter turnout is extremely vital for any electoral party, as low turnouts would mean that the representation of different parts of the population is unequal. Voter turnouts and participation is mostly increased by different engagement programs aimed at informing them, answering their doubts and queries and also by educating them about the different policies and programs which the party is aiming to put in practise. Traditional methods included the use of print media, radio, television, newspapers, desktop websites and service centres. With the popularity of smart phones, all these strategies have been completely put away with.

Studies undertaken in 2015 indicate that over 2/3 of Canadians use smartphones and almost half of the population have tablet computers. There has been a shift in the trend of accessing information, which is a great opportunity for governments and other agencies to accelerate programs for voter engagements by cutting down the delivery costs. The studies show that almost 75% of people get their doubts cleared and get their answers through smart phones and half of the population would like to place their trust on a mobile app than interacting with a service centre representative.