July 2015


You are not what you eat

CFirMKdWAAAcxHpWe have been aware and most of abide by the saying,” You are what you eat”. But the recent studies show that it is not actually true. In his new book, The Gluten Lie, Alan Levinovitz says that the real problem is not what we eat but it is how much we are eating. He says unless we limit the quantity of intake, cutting down on carbs and gluten is not going to show any effects. He says that the key to getting in shape and success diet is by lowering the overall food consumption.

People have the strong notion and follows the idea that eating low calorie food helps to reduce weight. Many people still go by the notion that having cholesterol would give them cholesterol and having fat would make them fat. There has been no scientific evidence to prove it and instead the studies have indicated negative signs. The statistics indicate that saturated fat consumption should be restricted to maximum of 10 % and only 20-35% of daily calories should be from fats. Consuming anything in excess is bound to make health problems, but when any food is consumed in low quantities there would not be any sort of hazards, be it rich butter or a really small piece of chocolate cake.