Know the smart phones in the market

P20157HFHere are two of the best smart phones in the market which has been often ignored. Consider these two before you make the vital decision on what to buy.
One Plus 2: The phone was created as a sequel to One plus 1 which was the hottest smartphone of 2014. It has premium features including a superb camera and fingerprint sensors at a much reasonable price.
Moto X Pure: It is a great phone with many benefits and comes at a very affordable price. It runs on Google Android, which relieves you of the burden of unwanted features and softwares of Android.

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Satisfy the wanderer in you

67356-1There are some places in this world where you can completely get lost. Well it is not just getting lost physically, but getting secluded and completely mesmerised in nature. This article has been written to introduce you to such elite destinations, where you have exclusive and unrestricted access to the pearls of nature.

Club Med Villas de Finolhu, it is a completely inclusive resort and is on the island called Gasfinolhu, Maldives. The resort has a many ecologically friendly villas which has been exclusively designed for couples. The guests have access to 3,000 ft. long private beach, a chauffeur to pick up from the airport and a butler who is completely at their service. The package also includes activities like Yoga and snorkelling. Visitors can often gaze into the sunset while lounging or can have their dinner by the seaside, enjoying the view.

In a short distance from Ibiza in Spain, there is a private island called Tagomago which has a beautiful luxury villa. The place is gorgeously set and has 5 huge bedrooms, spacious terraces in the outdoor, large dining areas and also a swimming pool. This Villa is available for weekly lease and also have amenities for birdwatching and trekking.


Don’t Skip your Flu Vaccination

flu2It is extremely important to reconsider if you are planning to skip your annual flu vaccination. Normally people assume that vaccination is undertaken to protect just themselves which is not true. It not just decreases the chance for a person to get the virus but also protects everyone around him/her. This is extremely important as a flue might not be dangerous to individuals who are healthy and strong but if an elderly person or a baby catches it, it can really be deadly. Their immune systems might be weak and would not fight the virus off.

In America, thousands of people die from the flu every year. Studies indicate that in the year 2003, almost 50,000 people died as a result of flu viral complications. Every year, around 20,000 children under the age of 5 gets hospitalized and babies under 6 months are highly prone to this virus. It is also estimated that a typical flu season costs around 90% of deaths during that time and is mostly affected to people who are over 65 years. It is also a fact that certain groups completely has restricted access to the vaccine and some are not eligible for vaccination. Some individuals (Cancer patients are) possess a problematic immune system, in such cases too, the vaccination may not be effective