October 2015


Don’t Skip your Flu Vaccination

flu2It is extremely important to reconsider if you are planning to skip your annual flu vaccination. Normally people assume that vaccination is undertaken to protect just themselves which is not true. It not just decreases the chance for a person to get the virus but also protects everyone around him/her. This is extremely important as a flue might not be dangerous to individuals who are healthy and strong but if an elderly person or a baby catches it, it can really be deadly. Their immune systems might be weak and would not fight the virus off.

In America, thousands of people die from the flu every year. Studies indicate that in the year 2003, almost 50,000 people died as a result of flu viral complications. Every year, around 20,000 children under the age of 5 gets hospitalized and babies under 6 months are highly prone to this virus. It is also estimated that a typical flu season costs around 90% of deaths during that time and is mostly affected to people who are over 65 years. It is also a fact that certain groups completely has restricted access to the vaccine and some are not eligible for vaccination. Some individuals (Cancer patients are) possess a problematic immune system, in such cases too, the vaccination may not be effective


The Return Of Baby Boomers

generation-yIn 2016, without any doubt baby boomers will return to power in the country without mattering whether it’s Trump or Hillary. With Obama leaving the white house, the break that America had got from the boomers would come to an end.

Obama s campaign emphasised on the dialogue, consensus and pragmatism which was meant to rebuke the boomer tendencies, which was practised by the men of white house including George W Bush and Clinton.

The phenomenon of the Baby Boom had its official beginning on the 1st January 1946 and was the only demographic event which had its that importance in the history of USA. The boomer generation had 77 million members and they are believed to wrap up American culture like no other generation before nor after. The boomer generation was followed by X Generation (it includes those born from 1960- to the early 1980) and then the Millennials (it includes those born between the early 1980 to those born around 2000).

The Boomers are resented by most belonging to the successor generations and it is believed that almost half of Millennials consider that the American dream is already dead and also that their parents killed it. There is also a belief that it’s because of the boomers that, there is an intense distrust in news media, Wall Street and Congress.