Widespread reaction to Zuckerberg’s decision for charity

2014-12-12-c9-zuck.b54a1Facebook founder and CEO announced that he is planning to give away 99% of his Facebook shares for promoting equality and also to advance human potential. It was not well taken by people around the world and there were several camps.

Buzz Feed was of the opinion that Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to which they are planning to donate is a corporation (LLC) and is not really a non-profit charity organization. It also pointed out that the money would not be utilized just on charitable causes but on private investments which will create lobbying and advocacy work too. Many social critics call the giveaway structure to be evidently flawed even though the depth of flaw cannot be fathomed. There is also a possibility that, as most of the non-profit organizations are created at first as corporations and only then is it changed to the purpose of charity.

Screen-ShotSo even this LLC may have a chance of getting converted into future. Another group is of the opinion that all the money is being given away to the causes and events which Zuckerberg would think is necessary to change and better the world which may not be the real problem with the world. Some others say how most charity organizations do not bring any help or change to the society.

Even though most of the times the intentions are good, there has been no great help that has come out of it and sometimes it has been even destructive or neutral. These people are of the opinion that the most helpful way to better the world would be to invest the money onto organizations and people who are already in the field as they would be well experienced in this forte and area and would be able to do something beneficial.

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